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Step into my online art store and discover a world of beauty waiting for you! From colorful landscapes to expressive abstracts, there’s something to suit every taste and space. Bring a touch of joy and creativity into your home with a piece of art that speaks to you. Explore, find your favorite, and let’s make your space shine with artistic flair! 🎨🏠

Who Am i?

Hi there! I’m Khola, your friendly neighborhood artist extraordinaire! By day, I’m immersed in a world of colors, shapes, and boundless creativity. But when the sun sets, the real magic begins as I transform into a master art instructor for kids! With laughter as our paintbrush and imagination as our canvas, we embark on epic adventures through the realms of artistry. From whimsical watercolors to daring sculptures, my passion is fueling their creativity and igniting their love for all things art. So join me under the starry skies for an evening of fun-filled artistic escapades! Let’s unleash our inner Picassos and make the world a little more colorful, one brushstroke at a time! 🎨✨

A Glimpse into our Coaching classes

Unlock the world of creativity for your little ones! Join our vibrant and exciting evening coaching classes designed especially for budding artists. Let their imaginations soar as they dive into the world of arts, learning, and interactive fun!

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